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5 FREE Instagram Story Tools

Hello to all the beautiful people reading this! Did you know that 500 million people use Instagram Stories every day?!? That's an opportunity to reach millions of people via YOUR Instagram Stories. A brand posts an average of 2.5 stories and if you haven't already, you should too. You may be wondering where to start and well, how to make stories. In today's blog, I will be sharing with you some of my absolute favorites when it comes to creating aesthetic Stories. These are all free apps you can find in your mobile app store with paid options for more features.

1. StoryArt

StoryArt has SOOO many templates to choose from! Like most of the apps I am sharing with you today, StoryArt is super easy to use and has a simple interface. I was very impressed with the options and themes they provide for free. There are additional options for templates if you want to purchase. My favorite aesthetic is tech, so I decided to showcase below a computer window story template.

2. Canva Stories

Canva did it again! Canva has always had a special place in my heart due to their super easy, drag and drop online graphic design software. When I heard they had an Instagram Stories app, I had to download it. It is a super easy to use interface and has a number of options to choose from

3. Made

Made is a great, super to easy use app but is limiting when it comes to options for templates unless you want to pay. Made offers very minimalist stories so if that is your aesthetic, Made is your best bet.


SCRL is beyond stories, you can also use It to create a seamless carousel post for your feed. SCRL has some really cool, free options that you can use. They also have a number of templates you can purchase starting at $1.99.

5. Unfold

Unfold is another great Instagram Stories app that has simple layouts featuring many options to add text. I like using these for my Stories when I am previewing a blog post because of the options to add text.

Social media content creation can be time-consuming and draining but through free and easy to use tools, Iike the ones I listed above, it doesn't have to be. I hope you found today's blog post helpful in your journey to broaden your knowledge base in everything digital marketing. Stay tuned for my next blog post and thanks for reading!

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sincerely, gagan

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