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6 Mistakes Instagrammers Make

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

1. Not engaging in other posts

Engagement is a major key to becoming successful on Instagram. Just like in real life, making meaningful connections will ultimately lead you to some sort of success. Making sure you take the time to engage with others' posts by exchanging dialogue, liking, participating in their story polls and questions will help form connections. By creating online connections you now have a community of like-minded people who may have similar follower-count and goals as you. If you are active in creating your own "community connections" it will most likely lead to others engaging with your content as well, which will result in higher engagement for your page.

2. Not analyzing what is working and what isn't

Analyzing what is working for you and what isn't is important for growth. For example, imagine you have been working out for 6 months and you have lost 10lbs in the first two months but after the initial weight loss there has been no decrease in weight, so what do you do? The answer is, you most likely will change your workout regime or what you are eating. Similarly, social media growth comes from evolving strategies and techniques. If you haven't converted your account to a creator/business account, stop reading and go do it! Making your account into a creator/business account will give you an insight into analytics for your account. Which posts are doing the best, your audience's ages, locations and more. With this new information, you can tweak your posting times and altering your content to imitate your more successful posts.

3. Not using #hashtags

Using hashtags will help your page gain reach it may not be able to without. Hashtags will help your content and page become categorized for users to view, easily. Users can search relevant hashtags to find the content that suits their needs. There is a max of 30 hashtags on Instagram and my recommendation is to create a set of 30 hashtags and putting them into notes on your mobile device. From there you can copy and paste them for each of your posts, and change them as you please. Create a few hashtags that are relevant and unique to just your page as well as use general hashtags that are popular in your felid.

4. Not posting consistently

Post consistently, not necessary frequently. Creating a posting schedule can help keep you on track for your personal page's growth. You can potentially use third party sites like Hootsuite and Later to help schedule out content months out, but this means producing month's worth of content beforehand. With that being said, "quality over quantity" is something to remember, while everyone is eager for Insta fame, don't let posting everyday scare you and in return lower the quality of your photos or videos.

5. Not creating new and innovative content

Creating content that flows aesthetically is one of the most important steps to gain followers. Would you follow a page that had horrendous content? No, no you wouldn't. Use HD photos and video content to give your followers the best visual experience. Create content that looks similar, aesthetically, creating a theme which your followers will soon enough get use to and inspired by. If you don't edit your photos, you can do this by using similar colors in all your photos and utilizing the same lighting. Creating unique content will help individualize your page and your brand.

6. The biggest mistake of all....

The biggest mistake that beginners on Instagram make is giving up too quick. Becoming successful on Instagram doesn't happen overnight, just like anything in life, good things take time to evolve and manifest. If you have a true passion for content creation and inspiring others, stick to it and enjoy the ride.

sincerely, gagan

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