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Brutally Honest Dior Cafe Miami Review

Hello to all the beautiful people reading this post! I recently got a chance to check out the gorgeous Dior Cafe in Miami's Design District and wanted to share my brutally honest experience with you.

When you first arrive at Dior, someone at the door offers hand sanitizer before walking to the elevator to go up to the third floor for the cafe. We get there, and everyone is there for the same reason my friend and I went for, which was pictures. My friend asked her connection at Dior to reserve a table by the Dior sign for the best pictures, but once we walked in, the waitress said the table was reserved without even asking for our names. We called her connection, and she talked to the waitress to get us seated by the sign, even then she tried to have us sit away from the sign, but I asked to sit in front of the sign, and she said go ahead. It was a weird interaction, and the experience didn't start well, but we continue to scan the menu and get to ordering. I ordered the Dior Latte and Coconut Delice, which was a coconut mousse dessert.

The latte was super cute with the Dior logo on top, and the coconut mousse was light, sweet, and the perfect dessert. The latte was $14 and the dessert $15. The cafe is outdoors, so be prepared to sweat in Miami's heat and humidity. Overall, the service was not ideal, and prices were high for the quality of espresso and food we received. The aesthetics and photo opportunities are all this place has to offer, which is honestly the only reason to go. I am happy I got a chance to check it out for myself and if you're in Miami and get a chance to go, let me know what you think.

sincerely, gagan

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