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FREE Social Media Tools

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

Social media marketing can be overwhelming at times, but it doesn't have to be. With so many free tools at your disposal, it is easier than ever. In today's post, I'll be over just a few of the tools that will help in content creation, scheduling, tracking, and measuring.


Canva is a free online platform that allows users to design graphics, simply. Canva has simplified graphic design using a drag and drop system, so even beginners can design beautiful graphics. I use Canva religiously for personal and professional content creation, it's easy to use and has so many template options.


Adobe Spark is a free online platform that allows users to design graphics, edit videos and more. This is my favorite free platform for easy and quick video creation. Adobe dominates the digital software industry, as it is a standard for all designers to use.


Crello is a free graphic design software where you can create graphic posts and animations. What I found unique about Crello is it has an option to create Youtube intros where you can chose from existing video templates. If you don't know anything about animation but want to get into the video space, as you should due to the high demand.


Piktochart is a free online tool to easily create infographics, presentations, graphics and more. Piktochart is more for professional creation as it gives you options to create assets like presentations and infographics.


Hootsuite is a free online scheduling application to track, schedule and manage your social media networks. I use Hootsuite for professional use and find it super helpful to schedule content in advance and not have to worry about posting for up to several weeks.


Later is a free online tool where you can visually plan and schedule your social media as well as track metrics for posts. Later is similar to Hootsuite in the sense you can schedule out media posts but one of the add ons it that you can see your feed visually laid out in advance for aesthetic purposes.

Social media content creation can be time-consuming and draining but through the free online tools I listed above it doesn't have to be. I hope you found today's blog post helpful in your journey to broaden your knowledge base in everything digital marketing. Stay tuned for my next blog post and thanks for reading!

sincerely, gagan

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