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New Orleans Food Highlights

Hello to all the beautiful people reading my post! I officially turned 24 years old this year, so for my birthday I decided to go to New Orleans. My friend, Kelsey and I have been wanting to go since high school, so we finally made the time and went. We decided to drive there because I have always enjoyed road trips and thought it would be an adventure to be on the road. The drive from Florida to NOLA was about nine hours. Our first stop was at Whataburger in Mobile, Alabama. It was the first time we tired Whataburger, and it took forever to order because there was a line out the door. Kelsey and I went in not knowing what to expect, but ended up enjoying our meals. It is a great place to try atleast once, if you want a great burger and fries. The overall aesthetic is super cute for pictures.

After seeing nine hours of fields and farm lands, we finally arrived into New Orleans around dinner time. We decided to go to Acme, an oyster house located in the French Quarter. When we got there, the restaurant had a line going around the corner, but we waited as I had heard great reviews of this restaurant online and from a co-worker. He had recommended the char-grilled oysters, something I have never tried before. We waited for approximately 45 minutes, and we were finally seated at a table next to the window. I didn’t enjoy sitting at that table as there was a lot of foot traffic and also people waiting nearby so I felt on display.

Me and my friend Kelsey decided to split a char-grilled oysters platter, and I also got a fried peace maker po-boy. The chargrilled oysters were covered with a herb butter sauce and a special blend of cheese, and were cooked very well. The platter came out sizzling, and the oysters had a soft chewy texture. Normally, the texture would have been off-putting to me, but the herb butter sauce and cheese disguised it well. The fried peace maker po-boy was filled with golden fried oysters and shrimp, topped with a Tabasco-infused mayo. The po-boy was excellent and flavorful. The seafood was crispy and the tanginess from the Tabasco infused mayo complimented the seafood well. Overall I enjoyed my experience at Acme but the service could have been more pleasant and could have done without the wait. I would definitely come back for the char-grilled oysters!

After Acme we decided to go get some beignets from Cafe Beignet. When we arrived at the cafe, we were welcomed with some live jazz and a light, fun ambience. We ordered some cafe au laits and shared a order of beignets. It was a small space but had plenty of outdoor and indoor seating. The tables were tiled and it was the perfect place to snap some super cute photos.

The next morning we found a local coffee shop in French Quarter called the French Truck Coffee. It was about a fifteen minute walk from our hotel which was the Wydham at French Quarter Downtown. The setting of the coffee shop was quiet, cute and spacious. I enjoyed the branding of the coffee shop which was clean and aesthetically pleasing. I ordered a plain iced latte and a cheese danish. The espresso itself was super smooth and strong and the cheese danish was one of the best danishes I've ever had. If you love iced lattes as much as I do, I would highly recommend going to French Truck Coffee.

For lunch we decided to go somewhere close to our hotel. We stumbled upon Daisy Dukes, which had a line out the door. We quickly realized that this was common among more popular restaurants. We waited around twenty five minutes for a table and were immediately seated once it was our turn, so the wait wasn't as bad as we thought. I ordered the Rajun Cajun shrimp basket. It is a basket filled with fried shrimp tossed in spicy cajun sauce, french fries and a biscuit. This was probably the best shrimp I've had in long time. The service of the staff was outstanding, everyone was super friendly and accommodating. I would definitely add this on my list for restaurants to try in NOLA. 

We decided to end our night with iced coffee and beignets from Cafe du Monde which is located in Jackson Square. It was created in 1862 and is open 24/7. The menu is pretty straight forward, and features an array of drinks and beignets. We wanted to come during the day, but decided it would be easier to get seating and not have to wait in line. And I'm glad we did because we came the next afternoon and there was a line around the corner and no seating available. Overall the beignets and coffee were reasonable priced and very delicious!

On our last day in NOLA, we went to the French Market which is a super cute area to shop, eat and listen to some live music. I tried some fresh, ice cold guava juice at a stand upon arrival and it was delicious. There was a lot of choices for food in the market itself. I was not too hungry, so decided to get some beignets. I wanted to mix it up, so I tried the chocolate beignets. I was so glad I made that decision because they were the best beignets I had on the trip thus far. The place was called Loretta's and it was absolutely heavenly.

Once we were done shopping around the French Market, we hit the road. Now on route to Florida, we decided to stop for dinner. Kelsey and I love to try places we've never eaten before, so we checked on Yelp to see what was close by. We saw a place called Raising Cane's which was new to us, and saw it said chicken fingers in the tagline. We both were sold. The menu was limited to (wait for it)…chicken fingers, so we both got chicken finger baskets which included chicken, fries and a roll. The chicken was perfect, it was crispy but tender at the same time. The roll was soft and fries were crispy and tossed in cajun seasoning. The basket came with their house sauce which was a bit peppery but worked well with the tenders. The customer service was a bit rough but the food made up for it. I would go back again, but would prefer the drive thru next time.

Overall, if you like to eat, drink, party and explore, NOLA is the place for you! The cuisine is out of this world, I just wish I had more time and bigger appetite to try it all.

If you liked this blog post, let me know by commenting or sharing! Also if you want to see anything specific, comment down below.

sincerely, gagan

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