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San Francisco in Three Days

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

Hello to all the beautiful people reading my post today! I recently visited San Francisco for the first time ever with my older sister and a couple of friends. Due to work we were only there for a limited on time and that meant we had to fit as much as we could into a short period of time. So in this blog I am going to be sharing with you a similar itinerary I created for my trip to San Francisco. Let me know any recommendations of your own and what you think by commenting on this blog post!

Day One.

  • Breakfast at Mr. Holmes Bakehouse | I highly recommend stopping by Mr. Holmes Bakehouse BUT go early in the A.M. because they sell out quick! I bought a chocolate mousse doughnut, raspberry rose, birthday cake and matcha croissants. I tired a little bit of each bakery item but my favorite had to be the raspberry rose croissant. Just as a heads up don't be expecting to find seats to sit and eat. It is more of a stop and go experience. They are also very popular on instagram because of there "I GOT BAKED IN SAN FRANCISCO" light up sign that was unfortunately broken when we went.

  • Union Square Shopping

  • Lunch at In & Out | Living in the South I don't get to get to eat at IN-N-OUT often so whenever I'm California I take any chance I get.

  • Ride Cable Car to Chinatown

  • Dinner at China Live


Day Two

  • Breakfast at Philz Coffee

  • Golden Gate Bridge | So if you are driving yourself around San Fransisco, putting Warming Hut Cafe in your GPS is the easiest way to find a way to the bridge and a chance to buy some souvenirs.

  • Lunch at Oma Sushi

  • Boba at Black Sugar Boba | We stayed in the Downtown Hilton in Union Square which was walking distance from Black Sugar. I went classic and ordered the black tea boba and it was perfect! It's a super cute space and customer service was great.

  • Photos at Painted Ladies

  • Ride Cable Car to Pier 39

  • Dinner at Fog Harbor Fish House | I saw this restaurant as one the top rated restaurants in San Fransisco on Yelp. We got there around 8pm and ended up waiting about one hour for a table. I finally decided to get a lobster roll and house made potato chips and it was one of the freshest lobster I've ever had.


Day Three

  • Tea at the Japanese Tea Garden

  • Museum of Ice Cream | It finally happened, I was in the same city as the Museum of Ice Cream for the first time. This was one of the coolest museums I have been to. Anticipate interactive rooms, free ice cream, a sprinkle pool and more!

  • Lunch at Brenda's French Soul Food

  • Muir Beach/Overlook

  • Dinner at Liholiho Yacht Club

  • Hot Chocolate at Dandelion Chocolate | I came across Dandelion Chocolate on instagram and was excited to try their home made marshmallows. We are the customers, workers hate - my friends and I got there five minutes before closing to get some hot chocolates before getting back to the hotel room. They ran out of marshmallows because it was near closing time but still I still got a hot chocolate mocha which was a perfect blend of the two and hit the spot. I definitely would come back to try their hot chocolate with fresh marshmallows when I'm in town again.

Overall it was a great trip and felt like we got to see what we all wanted to see in a short amount of time. But if you can take a couple more days off for a San Francisco trip I would highly recommend it to see more of this beautiful city! Stay tuned for my next blog post by subscribing and make sure to follow me on instagram.

sincerely, gagan

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