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Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

In today's climate, being online and active across all online platforms determines if you will rise or fall as a business. Social media is a powerful tool to help you be successful and reach your potential customers and current customers. In this post, I will be sharing some social media tips that will help you optimize your social media channels.

1. Cohesiveness across ALL platforms

Creating cohesiveness across all of your social media channels is important. By doing this, all of your channels will portray a uniform and professional look and feel of your brand. Creating a harmonious look will give your customers a sense of comfort by being familiar across all forms of channels. You can create a sense of comfort and familiarity by creating content that is similar in style, colors, or has your logo and branding on it. Creating a username that will be identical across all channels is also important so its easier for your customers to find you on any platform.

2. DON'T buy followers and fans

As many of you know, you can buy followers and fans through companies or use bots. By doing this, you do get followers but they aren’t followers that engage. By growing an organic following, you will get real, engaging followers who will actually convert to customers. When I see brands have thousands of followers and only 20 people like their posts, I get turned off by their page because I know they have bought followers and it makes them lose credibility to me.

3. Experiment with ADS

Ads can help you reach an audience you necessary wouldn't be able to reach organically. If you have a marketing budget that can be allocated towards ads on social, you should try and test them out. In the beginning, trial and error is what it's going to be like when running ads. But once you have spent some time, money and effort into studying the analytics of your paid ads, you can figure out many things about the persona of your future customer that will, in turn, help you alter your content and ads in a certain way and market it towards customers who would be interested in your business.


While engaging in other people’s content can be time-consuming, it helps build relationships virtually and will, in turn, grow your following. Engaging in other company’s posts around the area which can spark a relationship or engage in popular Instagrammers and influencers pages to help guide their attention to your page and product. While influencer marketing can be a whole topic to talk about, reaching out to local influencers can be a helpful push for your business.


Posting consistently on all channels is important to gain trust from your followers. By doing so, it gives fresh, new content to your fans to admire and engage with. By creating quality content, posting frequently, and using hashtags you will be able to grow your following base. Hashtags should be relevant to your post and business. Make sure to change up the hashtags you use for every new post because if you use the same hashtags over and over, Instagram will shadowban your hashtags and your post wouldn’t show the relevant tags.

6. Use scheduling TOOLS

Using scheduling tools for posting content can help you save time that you can spend creating content. By using a scheduling tool, you can use built-in analytics to help you find the perfect day and time to post. Some of the free scheduling tools out there are HootSuite, Later, Sprout Social or you can opt to use Facebook and Instagram built-in tool called Creator Studio. There are paid options that include additional analytics and features that may be worth looking into.

7. CALL TO ACTION in bio

The bio is the first thing your potential customer is going to see. When it comes to your bio you should put a short description of your company. If you are a local business, you can put your city and state to help users understand where you are located. The last and most important thing to putting a link up for a call to action, this can be a link to your website, a subscription button, or whatever form you use digitally to close a sale.

Digital marketing is always evolving and evolving fast. Making sure you are up to date with your social media strategy will help you close more sales and help build your brand online. I hope you enjoyed some social media tips that will help you optimize your social media channels and make sure to look out for more posts like this one. Follow me on Instagram @sincerelygagan to stay connected.

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