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Top 5 Coffee/Tea Spots in ORL

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

I go to my fair share of coffee shops and boba stops so I decided to share with you my favorite spots. If you mix my unhealthy passion of drinking iced lattes and obsession with trying new local spots, its leads to a recipe for a very thin wallet. I personally go for a good 'ole plain iced latte with no flavoring unless there are any speciality lattes at a certain shop and enjoy Thai tea/coffee/mango flavors for boba. If you are thirsty and in Orlando, I highly recommend visiting any one of these gems.

1. Downtown Credo

Downtown Credo is located in the heart of downtown Orlando and is very spacious that has plenty of seating. I tired their classic iced latte and it was one of the best espresso drinks I have had in Orlando

2. Royal Tea

Royal Tea is a fairly new drink spot in Mills and in my opinion the most popular drink the Mouse tea or Cheese tea is also my favorite. I have been there several times but the drink I keep going back to is the Matcha Mouse Tea!

3. Stardust Video & Coffee

Stardust screams hipster to me and I love it! Once you enter into the coffee shop to your right will be a open seating area with a bookshelf, photo booth and a stage for community events to take place as well as a small bar area. I have tired several of their iced espresso drinks and my favorite is their caramel flavored iced latte paired with a warmed up cinnamon bun.

4. SnowBean

SnowBean is a hidden gem right along East Colonial that is attached to Izziban Sushi & BBQ . It is a small coffee/dessert shop that has one of the strongest iced lattes I have every had in my life. I also tired their Vienna Coffee that comes in the cutest clear glass cup! They have a variety of dessert options alongside several bakery items that are all delicious.

5. Lineage Coffee Roasting

The Lineage location I have been to is located in East End Market which is a hub filled with several eateries and shops. I have tasted their white cold brew, iced mocha and a plain iced latte and my favorite was the iced mocha. I highly recommend going to this location because you can grab a giant chocolate chip cookie from Gideon's and pair it with a latte from Lineage and will basically be in heaven.

sincerely, gagan

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