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Top 5 Boba Spots near Orlando

Boba tea or bubble tea is a drink from Taiwan that consists of tea, milk, ice, and the tapioca balls, aka "boba" or "bubbles," accompanied by a signature fat straw. The boba tea craze has grown exponentially, and boba shops are popping up on every corner. In this post, I will be sharing my top 5 boba picks in the Central Florida area. If you are thirsty and in Orlando, I highly recommend visiting any one of these gems. Make sure to comment, share, and heart.

1. Royal Tea

Royal tea has had a special place in my heart for a while. It's been my go-to when I'm near Mills Ave in Winter Park. I have tried several drinks from their menu, but I always come back to the mousse matcha with boba, which is iced matcha with boba, topped off with sweet and salty cheese foam. I highly recommend checking this place out and stop by King Bao for fresh baos right next door.

2. Krave Tea

I recently found this hidden boba place in Winter Park in a strip mall on Orange Ave. The store's aesthetic is super clean and minimalistic. I ordered the "The Thinker," which is a butterfly milk tea, and my friend tried the "Black Sugar Boba," which is a milk tea with brown sugar syrup and boba. We both loved our drinks and had an overall great experience at Krave Tea.

One of the decors they had up caught my attention, which was a sign that said, "My love language is boba tea," which sums up my affection for boba tea.

3. Paris Banh Mi Cafe

Paris Banh Mi is more than a boba stop. It serves bakery items and lunch items. Their Chicken Banh Mi (only $5) paired with a Thai boba tea is a magical combo and my go-to order at Paris Banh Mi. It is a corner shop on Mills in Winter Park and has ample space inside to sit, eat and hang out. I have tried several bakery items, and every one of them has been delicious.

4. Face Tea

Face Tea is located in the heart of Lake Mary and is a reasonably new boba stop. It's a super cute set up with the walls covered in aesthetic artwork. I ended up getting one of the signature drinks, which was the brown sugar boba tea, and it was delicious. As a designer, I appreciated the branding and thought it was adorable. If you are ever in Lake Mary, don't forget to check this place out and hit up Crumbl Cookies, a cookie shop nearby, that is if you what a sugar high.

5. Tbaar

Tbaar is located right off the I-4 Sanford exit and uses 100% fresh fruit and vegetable juices. They have indoor seating or sit outside, which is excellent if you want to grab a Poke bowl and boba tea and enjoy that classic Florida humidity. I appreciate their matcha and brown sugar boba teas, but one of my close friends swears by the blended taro with boba.

In today's time, you can find boba tea everywhere easily, but finding boba shops to go back to is hard. Hopefully, this post will help you decide where to go to get boba near the Orlando area. Make sure to comment, share, and heart. Happy sipping!

sincerely, gagan

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