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Top 5 Instagram Photo Editors

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

In the current day of likes, follows and engagement rates reigning superior, it's imperative to get that one picture just flawless! Just kidding it's not that serious but if you're like me, you see a photograph as a blank canvas and editing as your paintbrush to turn into a masterpiece. I absolutely love the power of editing, it can turn something simple to something magnificent. In this blog post, I will be sharing some of the photo editing mobile apps I use on the regular when editing my photographs for Instagram.

1. Lightroom

Where to begin with Adobe's Lightroom! I use this app almost religiously to edit my photos for Instagram. This is a free app available on iOS and Android. If you have an Adobe Cloud subscription, sign in to sync your photos to the cloud so you can edit them on your desktop as well as backup your assets.

Lightroom has the basic editing functions but the most popular is the preset function. You can use presets already installed into the app as filters to edit your photos or buy presets if you want to explore your options. Lightroom is such a popular photo editing application, there is a countless number of presets folks have made for purchase. The photo to the right I edited using a preset filter I bought online from a fellow Instagrammer. Having the presets at your disposal is perfect to keep all your Instagram photos on theme and brand yourself through aesthetics.

2. Kirakira+

Kirakira+ isn't as relevant as it used to be because of the built-in filters Snapchat and Instagram have now. This app costs $0.99 which wasn't bad when there weren't any other options to use this filter. This app will highlight any object emitting light by adding a sparkling like a filter. I love using this app to add a little flare and nostalgia.

3. Lomograph

Lomograph is a free app that I love using when I'm in my "Lana Del Rey mood". The app turns your average iPhone photos into vintage, experimental film photos, it adds a retro flare. There are different filter presets you can scroll through and then once you find the perfect aesthetic, you can then tap through the same filter to alter scratches, light streaks and/or date stamp. I highly recommend this app if you are going for the retro aesthetic and want to efficiently achieve it.


VSCO is a great photo editing app for a quick edit. VSCO has several presets you can choose from to create a theme for your Instagram feed. This is a super easy to use application for beginners because with one simple tap you an completely transform your photo. The only downside to this app is, it has a limited amount of free presets but if you want to pay you to get access to a lot more features.

5. Instasize

Instasize is a paid app that helps you easily format your content to any social media channel. With a click of a button, you can change your format to a be vertical to fit your Instagram story or horizontal for Facebook or any other channel. My favorite feature of this app is that you can add backgrounds to photos and editing it the perfect size that fits your aesthetic. There is also an option to chose from 130 filters if you have one of the paid versions, which gives a range of options to chose from.

Photo editing can be scary for beginners but it doesn't have to be. There are so many mobile and desktop apps that can get your photos looking exactly the way you envision. If you end up using any of these apps, comment down below what you think! I hope you enjoyed this blog post, stay tuned for my next post where I will be sharing my top 5 video editing applications.

sincerely, gagan

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